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What Else Do I Need to Know About Therapy?

What does Therapy Cost?

Therapy sessions are 45 minutes and cost $215 per session.

At this time, I am only accepting out-of-pocket payment for psychotherapy services, which means I do not accept insurance or bill insurance on your behalf. Depending on your insurance plan, you may be able to submit for reimbursement for sessions - please check with your carrier to verify benefits before we meet. 

Once we schedule an initial appointment, you will be given access to a secure portal for confidential submission of forms, messaging, and payment. Payment can be made via credit card or debit card using this service. Flexible spending accounts may also be used. 

Please click here to see a notice about your rights to a Good Faith Estimate of your therapy costs.

"They tried to bury us.
They didn't know we were seeds."
Mexican Proverb

Other Things to Keep In Mind

I am licensed in MA, CA, Washington D.C., and VA. Because of the way licensing works, this means that you would be required to be located in one of those states at the time of our sessions.


Before starting therapy, you will be asked to complete and sign some paperwork via an online portal. This paperwork includes:

  • Consent to treatment

  • Acknowledgment of privacy policies

  • Intake form

  • Emergency contact form

At other times throughout treatment you may be asked to complete other paperwork, including written consent for me to consult with other treating providers (e.g., psychiatrists, nurse practitioners, physicians, etc.). Any forms or letters that you may require from me during our work together will also require a release form. General forms or letters requiring less than 15 minutes of work will be provided free of charge. Any requests for more involved forms or letters will be billed in 15-minute increments at my hourly rate of $215.

Tele-Therapy Sessions:

All sessions will be conducted via an online, secure, video platform called Before your first appointment, you will be provided with a link to access the session. You will use this same link for all future sessions. The link will take you to a virtual waiting room, and I will let you into the session at the agreed-upon time. works best with a web-based browser, but it will work on a mobile device as well, in a pinch. At the time of the session, please make sure that you are in a private, well lit location in which you feel comfortable speaking openly.

Cancellation Policy:

Therapy involves a shared commitment to a scheduled session time. To cancel your appointment without incurring a cancellation fee, please contact me at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment time.

Appointments cancelled 12-24 hours prior to the scheduled appointment time will be charged half the session rate.

If you cancel your appointment less than 12 hours prior to the appointment time, or miss your appointment altogether, you will be charged the full session fee.

Cancellation fees will be charged to the credit or debit card you have on file.

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